School Report Card:

See how South Fremont Junior High is doing overall! Click on the link below:

The link noted above will take you to the report card for Fremont School District #215. To see individual school reports, on the left side of the page under "view" click and choose "school". Then, under the school list, click on the school of choice and click the "submit" button.

Conferences and Report Cards:  (FSD POLICIES 2620 & 2625)

Parent/teacher conferences will be held midway through the first and second semesters (approximately the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters, respectively).  Exact dates and times of parent/teacher conferences will be posted on the school and district calendar. 

Student progress reports may be sent anytime during the school year to parents of students needing special attention.  Mid-term reports may be given to all students during each nine week period and at the end of the first semester.  Final report cards may be sent home with students or mailed to parents at the end of the school year.  It is the responsibility of the parents and students to ensure that the correct mailing address and contact information is on file at the school.

Advisory: (FSD Policy 2105)

Each student will be assigned to an academic advisory class.  These classes will meet daily for 21 minutes.  Students will be required to take their planners and homework or a free reading book to class each day.  These classes will be graded Pass/Fail.  As advisors, the teachers will monitor their advisory students’ grades and attendance weekly and will help determine eligibility to participate in weekly Friday activities and monthly off-campus lunch privileges.

Honor Roll:

Students maintaining a 3.50 and above per grading period (semester) are named to the Honor Roll.  Those who earn a 4.0 GPA or higher each grading period (semester) will be named to the High Honor Roll.  Additional academic recognitions may be planned and awarded during the school year.

Lagoon Trip:

With approval of the Board of Trustees, 8th grade students who earn a 3.50 GPA for the fall semester and who are track to earn a 3.50 GPA for the spring semester will qualify to travel to Lagoon Amusement Park in Layton, Utah for one day.  8th grade students who have no absences for the entire year may also qualify.  The school will provide transportation and supervision.  The students are responsible to pay for their own park tickets and meals.