School-sponsored Athletic Programs and Seasons

Volleyball (August-September)
Cross Country (August-October)
Wrestling (October-November)
Girls Basketball (October-December)
Boys Basketball (January-March)
Track (March-May)

7th and 8th Grade Athletics

As a seventh and eighth grade student, your child may have the opportunity to participate in a number of sports programs including the following: cross-country, girls volleyball, wrestling, girls basketball, boys basketball, and track.  Each sports program falls under the direction of the head coach at the high school for the corresponding sport.  These sports activities involve competitions with other 3A (and occasionally 2A) schools in the 6th District as part of the Frontier Conference.   

Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities; however, participation is a privilege, not a right.   Students must meet the following criteria to participate in any Frontier League Conference activities:
1. Participants in athletic activities must have written evidence from a licensed Idaho physician that he/she is physically fit to participate in that particular activity during
the required years.
2. Typically, student physicals are valid for two (2) years and are generally completed the 7th grade year.  Interim questionnaires and permission forms will be required for the other years. 
 3. Participants must have parent or guardian written permission.
 4. He/she shall honor the training rules set up by the coaches and principal.
5. He/she shall report to his/her coach immediately any injury received in a practice or a regular game.
6. He/she must maintain academic eligibility (see “Academic Eligibility”).
7. All associated fees must be paid prior to the first competition unless specific arrangements have been made with school administration.  Students who start a sport after 66% of the competitions have occurred will only be required to pay one half of the associated fees, otherwise late starters will be required to pay the fees in full.  Statisticians must pay travel fees.
8. All participants must be in attendance at school at least four (4) class periods during the day of the activity, otherwise participation in that activity is prohibited.  This applies to practices as well as games.  Exceptions may be made in advance by the principal in unusual circumstances.
9. Students who are absent due to school-sponsored activities are expected to contact their teachers prior to their absence to make arrangements for work.
10. He/she must not be a discipline problem in any class.   


We believe that good sportsmanship is an integral component of middle school competition.  We wholeheartedly embrace the position that, in order for sportsmanship to prevail, coaches, student-athletes, and fans must display respect, fairness, civility, honesty, and responsibility before, during, and after all athletic contests.  We encourage fans to enthusiastically support their team, recognize the outstanding performance of opponents, and always exhibit good sportsmanship in their words and actions.   We encourage and promote sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches, and spectators.  

Offensive language including profanity, racial or ethnic slurs or other intimidating actions directed at officials, event staff, student-athletes, coaches, or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the competition site.  Repeated or habitual demonstrations of poor sportsmanship may result in players being permanently removed from the teams at the discretion of the administration and/or coaches.  

Academic Eligibility

The purpose of this policy is to hold students who participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities at South Fremont Junior High accountable for their own academic progress.  This policy is also intended to help reduce the amount of work required to monitor academic progress for administration and to assist coaches, advisors, and teams in their preparations.  South Fremont Junior High has adopted the following  guidelines:

1. Students must earn a 2.0 GPA or higher AND have no Fs for the reporting period or mid-term check directly preceding the start of the sport.  Students who do not meet the minimum grade requirements PRIOR to the start of the sport (including tryouts) will not be permitted to try-out for the team.

2. In the event that a student’s grades fall below the 2.0 GPA or the student has one or more Fs during the season, he/she may be allowed to practice (at the discretion of the coach), but he/she will be ineligible to dress down, participate in competitions, or travel with the team until the grades meet the requirements and are verified by the athletic director and/or the principal.