Ski Club

South Fremont Junior High Ski Club

January 28, February 11, and 18, 2015

SFJH Ski Club 2015 (doc)
Kelly Canyon Program Signup Sheet (pdf)
Kelly Canyon Equipment Rental Form (pdf)

Please read the agreement below with your student, sign and date this form and return it back to the school. The signed agreement must be returned in order for your child to go with the school to Kelly Canyon.  

Ski Club fee:  $50 (Includes Bus fare and Lift Ticket to ski 3 times)

 Accepted forms of payment: cash, checks, or money orders. Make checks payable to SFJH Ski Club. Checks improperly filled out will not be accepted. If a Non-Sufficient Fund check is received, parents will be liable for all return check charges and then must pay in cash.

REFUNDS?  The ski club fee is nonreturnable and cannot be transferred to another student.


January 28, February 11 and 18 are our ski dates, however if we need to cancel we will reschedule.


Buses will begin loading for departure to Kelly Canyon from the school at approximately 3:30 pm in front of the school. Students will be expected to assist chaperones in loading their equipment into the buses. The school tries to provide areas for keeping equipment safe, but please label everything.

Students will be expected to be off the ski hill and on the bus by 9:00 pm so that we can arrive back at South Fremont Junior High around 9:30 pm.


It’s cold & late when we return so please be there for pick-up!! Parents are expected to be waiting at the schools to pick-up their child. It’s cold waiting, please be prompt.

If your child will not be riding the bus home, they will need to bring a signed note stating whom they will be riding home with. A parent at the hill will need to speak with a chaperone prior to leaving with your child. Please do not send a message with another child- speak directly with a leader. This will be strictly enforced. Unaccounted children hold up buses! No guests will be allowed to ride on the buses. Students will be expected to act appropriately while on the bus.


There is a zero tolerance policy for this ski club. As with any field trip or extra-curricular activity, participation is a privilege. As such, students are expected to behave in a safe and appropriate manner. If your child “goofs off”, holds up the bus or is disruptive, discipline may include the student being required to stay in the lodge for the remainder of their ski time and/or a parent contacted and asked to pick up their student. Also, students who do not follow rules and/or are disrespectful to school staff and volunteers may lose further field trip privileges.

 BUS: All students should be reminded that riding the bus is a privilege and not a right. If there is any abuse to the buses or drivers, the student may be restricted from further bus use and/or field trips.

 Eligibility: Students must have a GPA of 2.0 and no F’s as stated in the SFJH handbook page 32 to participate in the ski club.